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- SRAN Project for Ericsson/Vodafone - Germany - tens of base stations
- Implementing Cisco Systems for COLT dozens of locations in Germany
- SWAP Networks! NSN equipment - a few dozen base stations
- Consolidation of Orange and T-Mobile networks - few hundreds reconfigurations
- Wi-Max Project for PTC ERA (Alvarion - few dozen base stations in Poland)
- Implementation of microwaves for all GSM providers in Poland (a few hundreds links)
- New-built GSM base stations - more than a thousand installations for all networks in Poland
- Antenna systems for Orange, Polkomtel and T-Mobile
- Implementation of backbone transmission of ATM and SDH core network for Polkomtel
- Implementation of the LMDS for Crowley Data Poland (several dozen base stations)
- Implementation of broadband networks for TP SA - hundreds of locations in Poland
- Project CDMA2000 (Alcatel-Lucent) for SFERIA SA - More than 100 base stations
- CDMA base stations extension  for  IT  POLPAGER S.A.
- Consolidation of the networks Aero and POLKOMTEL - dozens of base stations
- SWAP Huawei for Sunrise - Switzerland - tens of base stations

- And many many more ...

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